Dental Emergencies at Midsomer Dental Care

Do you have a dental emergency? Are you in pain and in need of urgent treatment?

At Midsomer Dental Care we are pleased to provide emergency dental care for registered patients within 24 hours of contacting us.

Should you require emergency care we advise that you call us as early as possible – to give us the best chance of fitting you in on the same day.

There are a range of issues that could be classed as a dental emergency. These may include trauma, toothache or swelling in the gums.

If you are not registered with us we cannot guarantee we can see you on the NHS. We may be able to offer you an emergency Private appointment. Alternatively you can call 111 for assistance.

What to do if you need emergency treatment

During opening hours please call us on 01761 412366 – at the earliest opportunity.

Out of hours please call 01761 412366 and follow the instructions on the answer machine.

If you are not registered with us you can contact NHS direct on 111 for emergency dental advice or to find your closest emergency dental care.

Avoiding dental emergencies

You can protect your teeth from cavities with regular brushing and check-ups with the dentist.

Be aware of your diet and avoid consuming too many sugary or acidic foods which can erode enamel. Be careful with very hard foods which could break your teeth.

Watch out for potential hazards (for children and adults) around the house. Close any cupboard doors, watch out for spills and any loose wires on the floor.

When playing contact sports always wear mouth guards to avoid injury.